The Best Pentax Camera optio S5i for best price

Technical Details.

  • 5.0-megapixel sensor creates photo-quality 2560 by 1920 pixel images.
  • 3x optical, 4x digital zoom.
  • 1.8-inch LCD screen, 21 different picture shooting modes.
  • Store images on 10 MB internal memory or SD memory card (not included).
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery, estimated for 180 shots.

Product Description.

From the Manufacturer.

  • Chic. Sleek. And ultra-compact.
  • The Optio S5i packs a myriad of performance and user-friendly features into an irresistible package. A 5.0 megapixel CCD for exquisite detail and clarity.
  • A large, 1.8 inch LCD monitor to view the action even in bright light.
  • Flash exposure compensation and an astounding 21 picture modes to ensure the best images possible. And it’s all housed in a gorgeous 3.7-ounce aluminum alloy body.
  • The perfect pocket accessory for professionals, travelers, and people on the go.
  • The Optio S5i lets you achieve superior clarity that extends from macro shooting to expansive landscapes with the power of 5.0 effective megapixels.
  • Compose and view recorded shots with a convenient 1.8 inch LCD monitor that offers a 100% field of view.
  • Take your Optio S51 anywhere! With an innovative sliding lens that retracts to be flush with the body of the camera and an aluminum alloy design, the Optio S5i achieves exceptionally compact dimensions of just 3.3 x 2 x .81 inches.
  • Zoom in on the action with a 3X zoom with a focal range covering angles of view equivalent to those of a 36.5-107mm lens in 35mm format.
  • The optical zoom can also be augmented with 4X digital zoom, which takes the camera's total zoom capability to an impressive 12X.
  • Conserve power with an optical viewfinder that offers the advantage to switch-off the LCD monitor.
  • Take shots without additional media. With approximately 10MB of built-in memory and compatibility with SD memory cards, the Optio S5i allows the recording of a substantial amount of images.
  • Recharge your Lithium-ion batteries by setting the Optio S5i in its compact, lightweight recharge unit.
  • Choose from 22 shooting modes displayed on the LCD monitor via the Mode:
  • Program mode allows you to take control over a combination of functions at once. Green mode allows you to achieve stunning shots while the camera automatically takes care of all the necessary settings.
  • Night scene mode captures the mood of evening and night scenes and performs well shooting subjects with dark backgrounds.
  • Movie mode allows you to record video with sound to the full capacity of available memory at 15 frames per second with the definition of 320 x 240 pixels.
  • Video files are also recorded in AVI format, making it easy to play them back on a PC*. *System requirements for use of the Movie function: PCs running Windows 98/98SE, or Windows 2000 operating systems which came with Direct X8.0 and Windows Media Player pre-installed.
  • PCs running Windows Me or Windows XP operating systems featuring Windows Media Player or QuickTime3.0 or higher.
  • Macintosh machines running operating systems, which came with QuickTime 4.0 or higher pre-installed.
  • Panorama assist mode allows a series of shots to be taken horizontally or vertically and then aligned and combined with ease on a PC through use of the included software.
  • 3D image mode lets the user produce shots that have a genuine sense of depth and perspective.
  • Two shots can be taken following the camera's guidance, printed out with postcard dimensions, and then looked at through the optionally available viewer for a real 3D effect.
  • Landscape mode makes the most of the greens and blues of scenic shots.
  • Flower mode brings out all the vivid color and detail of flowers.
  • Portrait mode successfully captures skin tones in a more faithful manner for more flattering results.
  • Self-portrait mode lets you point the camera at yourself and achieve results that come out
  • satisfyingly crisp despite the close nature of the composition.
  • Surf & Snow mode helps to reduce the highly reflective nature of snow or water.
  • Autumn color mode makes the most of reds, browns, and other colors associated with the season.
  • Sunset mode captures the warmth and splendor of sunrise and sunset scenes.
  • Museum mode is ideally suited to photographing exhibits in museums, achieving optimal exposure while ensuring the flash doesn't fire.
  • Text mode allows documents, notes or other written material to be photographed and recorded in a manner that assists in maintaining their legibility.
  • Food mode enables the Optio S5i to achieve natural color, convey convincing texture, and communicate the real freshness of food.
  • Soft mode applies a soft focus to the subject, which can be used for flattering portraits or to convey a sense of the romantic.
  • Digital filters can be used to transform the mood of recorded shots. Choose Black & White or Sepia shooting for a marked difference in style, or from a range of colors (Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple).
  • A special Slim filter that makes subjects appear more slender or broader and can be adjusted to different degrees.
  • A posterization filter converts images to resemble an artist's drawing.
  • USER mode enables a combination of preferred settings to be saved for easy access whenever the user desires.
  • Marine mode ensures blue tones are reproduced in a faithful, pleasing manner. *For use only with optional underwater case housing.
  • Sport exposure mode allows users to stop fast moving action with a fast shutter speed.
  • Marine movie mode applies the same advantage when recording video underwater. *For use only with optional underwater case housing.

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