Best Micro SD Card From Scan Disc.

Technical Details.

  • Includes SD card adapter.
  • Semi-removable memory module.
  • Expands memory capacity.
  • Compatible with all TransFlash mobile.
  • 5 Year limited warranty.

Product Description.

  • The new microSD card is fully compatible with the TransFlash card and is designed as a small, flash memory storage card for mobile phones and devices.
  • The microSD cards are designed for new compact, full-featured mobile phones with storage-intensive multimedia applications such as music, photo and video capture and download.
  • The cards dramatically increase the functionality of these handsets without requiring much incremental space.
  • With its miniscule size measuring just 11mm by 15mm and 1mm thick, the SanDisk microSD memory module offers outstanding design and manufacturing flexibility.
  • The incredibly small SanDisk microSD memory module meets the needs of the newest generation of feature-rich mobile phones that demand more storage in less space.

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